Who is ‘Princess1985’?

Sergeant Nikki Wright and Pc Emma Keane visit a house where Steve is throwing wife Vanessa’s computer out of the window, accusing her of having an affair. Elsewhere, Pcs Sally Armstrong and Beth Green find Gary Nelson badly beaten in a hotel, and see an email on his laptop from ‘Princess1985’. Gary says he was waiting in a bar for a woman he’d met in a chat room when he received a text to meet her outside, where he was beaten up.

When the text is traced to Steven’s phone and the profile picture of ‘Princess1985’ is recognised as Vanessa, the couple are brought in for questioning. Steve admits to beating Gary up – but a confused Vanessa says she hasn’t used the site in years. And when an email appears on Gary’s laptop from ‘Princess1985’ while the couple are in custody, it’s clear someone else is behind the cyber friendship.

Sergeant Callum Stone briefs the troops about two young males he’s after over a spate of robberies. Out on patrol, the suspects are spotted and while Michael is caught and arrested, his companion Richie flees, spitting at Pc Will Fletcher before getting away. But the officers are frustrated when they’re forced to release Michael over lack of evidence.

Later, Will and Pc Leela Kapoor drive robbery victim, Lisa Nelson, around in a patrol car and when she spots Richie, Will jumps out and chases him to the top of a block of flats. Still filled with anger over Martin Parks’ suicide, Will violently accosts Richie and holds him over the edge of the balcony, much to Stone and Leela’s shock…

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