Who is responsible for Texas’s fall?

Theresa and Leanne rush out of the venue to the devastation outside – where have they been? Will pushes past Dr. Browning and is in confused shock as he sees his fragile bride on the floor. Texas is still alive when Will reaches her and summons enough strength to whisper something in his ear but she loses her fight as the ambulance approaches.

Mercedes eyes her fiancĂ© suspiciously, wondering whether he was to blame. Will is being questioned by the police and tells them that Texas said Dodger’s name before she died. Is he the killer?

Elsewhere, a tearful Dodger sits in his van and speeds away from the scene of the crime. At the hotel, Doug questions where Leanne had been when it happened, but Will provides her with an alibi.

Back at home, Mercedes finds surgical gloves in Browning’s pocket, while Sienna finally finds Dodger in the village, just as the police to arrive and arrest him for murder…