Who is Roman’s surprise visitor?

With Aden almost ready to be released from hospital, Roman offers to let him stay for a while at his place if he’s not yet ready to go home. Aden is pleased to have somewhere to crash that doesn’t bring back so many bad memories, and Roman even offers him a job at the Diner. But Larry is hurt and confused when he finds out about Aden’s decision to move in with Roman, but after a chat with Aden, agrees to support his son in a bid to make amends for his past mistakes.

With Aden moving in and Martha having just moved out, Morag starts thinking about finding somewhere else to live. But Roman wants her to stay on, admitting he could use her help now that Aden is moving in, and she agrees. But things become even more complicated for Roman when a surprise visitor suddenly arrives…

Matilda is horrified that Ric is even considering fighting again. But Ric is tempted by Noel’s offer of a bigger pay out. Matilda reluctantly agrees to him competing, but on the condition that she comes to watch and if she hates it, he won’t fight again. Worried about Matilda being left alone while Ric fights, he and Noel ask Jazz to keep her company.

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