Sandy goes to the Savages boat, and when Dodger answers the door the pair kiss… Later, Joe, Ziggy and Freddie can’t believe their eyes when they see their mum in a man’s shirt making tea in the kitchen together with a topless Dodger. Dodger makes a quick exit as the Roscoe boys chase after him.

Ste finally reaches an understanding with his mum and climbs into bed next to her to give her a hug – a tender moment. Pauline tries her best to convince Ste. He’s surprised when Doug encourages him to consider Pauline’s request and he finally tells his mum he’ll do it. Ste reads a poem to his mum but just as he’s about to administer the drugs, Tony bursts into the council flat.

Carmel surprises Jim with a birthday picnic and a replica Roman helmet. However, it turns out Myra lent a helping hand to Carmel and got Jim the expensive gift.

Freddie is concerned when Trevor turns up at the Roscoes with a job for him – dispose of DS Trent’s body.