Coronation Street spoilers: Eileen Grimshaw and Nicola Rubinstein are spooked by a mystery intruder…

Eileen is convinced there is someone in the house when she finds the back door open – who is it?

Despite Summer’s best attempts to shield Eileen Grimshaw from the nasty comments about her online, Gail wastes no time is mentioning them to Eileen and tries to empathise about having a murderer for a husband. Meanwhile at the house, Eileen is concerned to find the back door open and that someone has put nails in her car tyres. As she and Nicola Rubinstein return to the house they hear a noise on the stairs and realise they have an intruder. Eileen arms herself with a pan – who’s in the house?

 David is irritated to discover that Maria has taken on an apprentice at the salon. Alya calls into the salon to say she has a date with Josh, whilst Maria and Jenny enthuse about him, Emma the apprentice clocks David’s distress.

Sophie calls to talk to Zeedan about a possible job at Speed Daal and is shocked to discover the news about Rana and Kate’s affair.

Rana tells Yaseen she feels like an orphan. Carla tells Michelle she has ended her affair with Ali but Michelle is unimpressed and informs her she’s not invited to the wedding. Robert swears he will give up the steroids.