Who is the real father of Tina’s baby?

Tina and Dom are dreading the McQueens naming ceremony for baby Max. Tina tries to put a brave face on things but ends up revealing that Russ is the baby’s real dad. The party descends into chaos as Russ arrives with divorce papers for Mercedes and the bailiffs turn up on the doorstep.

Kieron misses a job interview to spend time with John Paul but is disappointed with John Paul’s distracted attitude towards him when he turns up in the middle of Russ and Mercedes’ argument. Realising Kieron has given a lot up to commit to as relationship with him, John Paul soon finds Kieron and reinforces his commitment by asking him to marry him.

Danny and the Valentines’ are just about keeping it together as they continue to search for Sasha. Danny convinces a downbeat Leo to help search for Sasha but Calvin is unhappy to see him back in the house after he evicted him the day before. Leo pleads with Calvin to let him stay and help. Will Calvin give in?

Justin and Ste’s debt collecting work goes well when Myra hands over the karaoke machine without a fight. But when Justin leaves Ste to drop the karaoke machine off at the depot, Ste has other ideas…

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