*Second episode*

Alicia and David are shocked when Val reveals that it’s Jacob who’s been stealing stock from the shop. Although he tries to deny the accusation, the little lad is soon forced to come clean. Meanwhile, Pollard realises that Jacob also wrote the review on the B&B website that announced a member of staff is HIV positive…

Debbie is released on bail pending further enquiries and is surprised to find Pete outside the station waiting to pick her up. When she tells him what happened, Pete decides to visit the flirty customer in hospital, where he threatens the guy in a bid to get him to drop the assault charges against Debbie. Back in the village, Debbie’s grateful for Pete’s help and the pair share a passionate embrace!

After finding out that Belle plans to plead guiltiy, Zak and Lisa can’t believe that their daughter is willing to give up the fight and throw her life away, but it seems Belle is determined to be punished for Gemma’s death. Will her parents be able to convince the teenager to change her mind?