Janine makes up with Whitney. The pair are desperate for rent money. In the cafe, Janine pretends to faint and when Yusuf comes to help she steals his wallet. Meanwhile, Whitney sells her jewellery on the market then tries to pickpocket a man, but she’s caught. A mysterious stranger Rob comes to her rescue and Whitney is grateful. Later, a desperate Janine uploads her picture onto an escort website.

Zainab is horrified that Yusuf has moved into the square and confides in Denise that he’s her ex-husband. Denise confronts Yusuf, but he’s guarded and tells her that it was a long time ago. Yusuf comes into the Argee Bhajee. Zainab wants to know why he’s in the Square. Yusuf claims he wants to be close to Afia and Tamwar, but Zainab insists he leaves.

Shirley wants to cheer up a depressed Heather and gets the ball rolling with the wedding plans to give Heather something to do. Shirley arranges for Heather to have a day off from the launderette so she can help her shop for a wedding and bridesmaid dress. Shirley and Heather have a few drinks to celebrate. Shirley needs to sleep it off, but an excited Heather wants to talk weddings!