Annette Crosbie (One Foot in the Grave) brings her talents to this entertaining series, playing Miss Jones, a devoted secretary who might know a lot more than anyone else about the disappearance of her boss’s daughter in 1983.

When Barbara Linden-Warner went missing from her first debutante’s ball, an Irish terrorist group claimed responsibility and demanded a ransom. They got their money from her wealthy father, arms manufacturer Sir Kenneth, but Barbara was never seen again. Now Fintan MacEntee (Ian McElhinney, Little Dorrit), the Irish crook, has reinvented himself as a politician and is saying his band of outlaws didn’t kidnap Barbara, they just said they did for the money and publicity. So Superintendent Sandra Pullman and her old dogs, Jack, Brian and Gerry, have to find out what did really happen to 18-year-old Barbara, who had everything to live for.

The girl’s mother, Lady Elizabeth (Sian Phillips) insists her daughter was happy; the apple of Daddy’s eye, with a loving brother, Michael (Tim Dutton – Bonkers). When she went missing she was enjoying a special night out with her boyfriend, Greg (Raymond Coulthard – Casualty, Hotel Babylon) and friends Amy (Sophie Ward – Heartbeat, Holby City) and Kate (Lucy Robinson – Suburban Shootout). But was life really so perfect? Not according to Sir Kenneth’s secretary, Miss Jones.

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