Who killed supermodel Cindy Statham?

Pcs Leela Kapoor and Tony Stamp arrive at the home of supermodel, Cindy Statham, and find her dead. At Sun Hill, Cindy’s ex-manager Steve Bryce tells DC Jo Masters and DS Stuart Turner about mobile phone footage on the Fur Defence League website showing Cindy belittling the campaign she modelled for.

The officers discover that Cindy’s former minder, Ben Henley, posted the clip. While being questioned, Ben admits that he was angry after Cindy refused his offer of a date, but swears that he had nothing to do with her murder.

Meanwhile, further investigations reveal that, despite being in a long-term relationship with Robert Harvey, Cindy called her ex-boyfriend Andy Sharps on the night she died prompting DC Mickey Webb to look into a love triange. It then transpires that Andy has disappeared… Does he have something to hide?

There are more surprises when DC Terry Perkins shows Jo an X-rated film found in Cindy’s house, featuring 15-year-old missing runaway Serena Black being filmed in Cindy’s studio. As the officers probe all their leads, it looks as though Cindy had a few dark secrets…