Who locked Geoff in Tony’s boot?

Bruce Campbell confronts Tony, demanding to know where Geoff is, and Tony worries when Bruce reveals Geoff didn’t come home last night. The truth is revealed when Drew discovers Geoff locked in the boot of Tony’s car, dangerously dehydrated and very sick.

Bruce is horrified when Geoff admits that his team-mates got him drunk and locked him in the boot as a prank, and attacks Tony for not looking after his grandson. Later, Bruce tells Tony he’s pulling Geoff out of the footy team, leaving Tony devastated but unable to change Bruce’s mind.

Drew is furious when he learns that Jazz has been telling Belle that she fully expects him to be involved with other girls, and tells his mum that if she comes between him and Belle he’ll move out.

Matilda is hurt when Ric refuses to talk to her, and a concerned Cassie gets the bus down the coast to persuade her to come home. At first Matilda is reluctant, but she’s shocked when Cassie explains that Ric was caught out at sea in the storm, with Matilda not there to tell. Given food for thought, Matilda decides to return to the Bay.

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