Phil sees Bobby at the police station, intercepting him before he can hand in Lucy’s phone and wallet. After taking Bobby back home, Phil angrily confronts Jane for not getting rid of the phone and wallet as she promised. Fearing for Jane, Bobby rushes in, brandishing a golf club.

Phil demands to talk to Ian alone. Sharing his fears, Phil confesses to Ian that he’s worried Ben really did kill Lucy. After Phil advises Ian to sort out Bobby so he doesn’t turn out like Ben, Ian returns to Jane. When Ian wonders if it would be better if the truth came out, Jane is horrified. Ian points out that they need to work out what’s really going on in Bobby’s head. Meanwhile, Phil heads to the police station, telling Marsden he needs to talk to her about his son…

Lola and Jay head to the Arches for some privacy. Loved up, Jay tells Lola he doesn’t want this to be a one off, he wants to be with her and he’s delighted when Lola agrees.

Also, Keeble phones Cameron to tell him the taxi driver who identified Ben will also identify Max as the man going into the flat with Lucy.