Who murdered the model Maria?

PCs Sally Armstrong and Reg Hollis arrive at the scene of a suspected assault and are horrified to find the dead body of a model, Maria.

Stuart and Jo find a blood soaked t-shirt at her photographer Slade’s house and arrest him. However, Jo notices a photograph of Maria and her fiance Darrell Crow wearing the same t-shirt. While both men admit they saw Maria that morning, they insist she was alive when they left.

Elsewhere, PCs Emma Keane and Beth Green attend a burglary at a shop. On the CCTV footage, Emma recognises one of the girls as Lauren Martin. Her older sister, Roxette, who has just been released from a young offenders’ institute, matches the second girls’ description.

When Beth and Emma go to make the arrests, Roxette denies any involvement. Lauren admits that she acted as a diversion while her friend Tanya Murphy stole from the till. She later confides that she made an anonymous phone call that got Roxette sent down two years ago and Tanya blackmailed her into the robbery.

Lauren is beaten up by Roxette after she confesses all. Roxette then rushes round to Tanya’s house and officers arrive to find her pinning Tanya to the ground and threatening to glass her with a broken bottle.