Who ordered Deano’s beating?

Sean is angry when Stacey brings their mum Jean into see him and he’s uncomfortable when Jean seems to suggest that he may have attacked Patrick without realising and suffers from mental illness like her. Sean is angry and the visit ends on a sour note. Meanwhile, Deano takes a beating from mystery attackers, who snap a picture on a mobile – and send it to a grinning Sean…

Ronnie tries to protect Roxy from an angry Damian. Roxy, meanwhile, has started to feel sick and Ronnie guesses that she’s got food poisoning from Ian’s chippie. Damian wants Roxy to return to Ibiza with him immediately. Ronnie comes up with a plan and tells Ian he poisoned her sister but asks him to pretend to be Roxy’s new boyfriend and they’ll forget all about it. The ruse works and Damian leaves the Square.

Ian is furious when he realises that Lucy swapped the box of new fish for the chippie with an out of date one and she’s poisoned half the Square. Lucy is unrepentant and she heads up to her bedroom to slag off Ian on the internet. Her mysterious correspondent suggest that Lucy gets rid of Ian once and for all…

Also, Patrick goes missing.

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