Paul tells Rebecca that Declan tried to force him out of Lassiter’s, but Rebecca doesn’t believe him. So Paul reminds his wife that everything he’s done, he’s done for their future, whereas Declan just wanted to take it all away. Paul says that Declan betrayed him, and tells her about the DVD of Declan making the building site unsafe. Declan explains that the DVD was doctored and Paul is the guilty party.

Diana tells a mystery man that she’s leaving in the morning, and he won’t be able to contact her, but she wants the job done to her satisfaction. As she leaves, the man counts through the money she’s given him.

Rebecca tells Diana that she knows she tried to recruit Declan to overthrow Paul. Diana asks if Declan told her about Paul’s embezzlement? How he almost ruined the company? How he almost ruined her, pointing out that Rebecca could have landed in jail for what he did. Rebecca is further horrified when Diana also admits that she slept with Paul.

On the balcony at Lassiter’s, Paul plays through all the accusations and threats made towards him by those closest to him as someone joins him on the balcony. As Toadie and Karl leave Harold’s, Paul comes crashing through the glass and onto the floor below. Who pushed Paul Robinson?

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