Aden tells Charlie that he panicked when he found his father’s body – everyone would think Justin killed him. Charlie is suspicious – why did Justin admit to killing his father, and how come he arrived in town just as Larry went missing? Angelo tells Aden that the police have enough to charge Justin and him anyway. Aden insists he didn’t kill Larry and neither did Justin. Nicole begs to know what’s going on. Aden explains everything to her and she wants him to tell the police the truth, but Aden is standing by his brother.

Miles is devastated at being suspended from teaching and feeling let down by Gina. Miles tells Martha he has worked out a way to get around the problem of being suspended and regain control of his life – he will quit!

Alf is anxious and talks to Angelo. Would Hugo really contact Martha? Alf hopes Hugo stays away. When Martha questions why Alf was talking to Angelo on the beach, he lies, and then feels guilty. Angelo tells Alf it’s a police matter. Martha suddenly arrives beside them looking stormy, demanding to know what’s going on. She heard her name and has a right to know, considering she’s involved.

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