On Valentine’s Day, David’s stressed as the flowers he’s ordered for Alicia haven’t turned up. None the wiser, his wife’s thrilled when a present and a card turn up. But as the shopkeeper didn’t send them, he’s left wondering who did! Meanwhile, Marlon leaves his secret drinker wife, Laurel, taken aback with his choice of romantic gift: booze!

Still reeling from Katie’s shock death, Andy just can’t handle talking about the funeral. When he turns to his brother for help, Robert’s riddled with guilt over his part in Katie’s not-so-accidental death, and tells co-conspirator and lover, Aaron, he won’t be seeing him for a while. Meanwhile, Adam tries to thaw relations with his business partner Aaron. Will agonised Aaron crack and confess to his part in Katie’s death when Adam asks what’s been bothering him?

With Belle almost having jumped to her death last week, Lisa is in a right state. Feeling as if she’s let her severely troubled daughter down, Lisa heads out to visit her with a heavy heart.