The team at Holby are on high-alert when they receive news that a gun siege at a local restaurant has got out of hand. The victims are to be brought to Holby’s AAU. Things look pretty grim for Faye when the first of the victims arrives, clutching her husband Joseph’s tie.

Having rowed with Joseph earlier in the day, Faye turned to Linden for comfort after Joseph stormed out of the hospital. Old passions resurfaced and the pair enjoyed a steamy kiss. Guilty that she may have done the dirty on Joseph as he was caught up in a hostage drama, Faye is relieved when her husband walks in through the doors of the ward reassuring everybody that he’s fine.

Relief turns to shock however when Joseph reveals that while he’s OK, it’s their colleague nurse Daisha who has been shot. Can the team save her life?

Meanwhile, Elliot struggles to cope working alongside new consultant Toby Geddes. Tensions come to a head when in the midst of the hostage drama, Toby clocks off as soon as his shift finishes, turning his phone off. Elliot takes his concerns to Michael who disbelieves Elliot’s stories of Toby’s incompetence. Only when Michael calls Toby to check he’s still at the hospital does it become clear that Holby has employed a joker to replace Connie.

Elsewhere Oliver tries to impress Jac, but has to make do with acting as a go-between for the victim’s families and surgeons.

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