*Second episode*

Robert slumps on to Chas having been shot in the chest. As she shoves him off in horror, Lawrence and Dan arrive on the scene. While Dan does what he can to save Robert, the paramedics take over and race him into hospital. There, Robert’s life hangs in the balance as he flatlines and is rushed into surgery. It’s not looking good for the bad boy Sugden as the doctors decide to induce him into a coma. Will he survive? And which of his many enemies shot him?

Meanwhile, back in Emmerdale, Lachlan clocks his granddad’s car and hastily throws something into a bush. When Lawrence tells him Robert’s been shot, the teen is shaken. Marlon gets home from the singles do, having pulled, and is intrigued to see Paddy is only just getting back, too. But the vet left the party hours ago?

Debbie’s thrown when Ross turns up to tell her he’s leaving – and that he may not be coming back…