Who shoves Glenda down the stairs?

Ian sees Phil coming out of Glenda’s building, but he convinces him he was there to see Ronnie. Phil and Glenda snog at the party, but end up in a row. She turns to Ian and they get steamy in the yard. Jane comes into the kitchen – has she seen them? A bedroom window closes – has anyone heard them? A drunk Glendainsults everyone at the party. She returns home and leaves the door on the latch for Ian. But she’s pushed down the stairs by a gloved hand!

Ben tells Abi he doesn’t want to go to his welcome home party, but she talks him into it. Ben and Abi disappear upstairs when Peter upsets him by referring to the house as ‘Jay’s house’.

Carol has a go at Whitney for sleeping with Connor then tells Bianca, who questions Whitney…

Meanwhile, Ronnie and Jack are back from honeymoon. Jack has news – he’s got work as a security consultant in Dubai

Janine works at the Vic in Ryan’s place and continues to lie he’s ill. Then she returns home and starts crushing up pills…

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