With Oscar Blaketon away, Gina is rushed off her feet running the Aidensfield Arms on her own. But help soon comes in the shape of village newcomer, Len, who offers to help Gina as the relief cellar man. Claiming to have the relevant the experience, Gina agrees to take him on.

Later in the pub, Gina is serving Emily Forster, who reveals that she’s going to the Antiques Fair in Harrogate, and Len can’t help but admire the priceless pendant she’s wearing. Meanwhile, comic Tommy Tanner is busy entertaining the locals, but when Gina introduces Tommy to Emily, she’s noticeably uneasy around him.

Next morning, Emily is distraught to find her precious pendant missing. Sergeant Miller and Pc Rob Walker come to investigate: there hasn’t been an external break-in, there’s no sign of forced entry into Emily’s room, and it looks like the room key kept at the bar may have been used. Could it be an inside job?

Miller quizzes Tommy, who stayed at the pub the previous night, but is happy with his alibi. But when Miller warns Len that the room key will be dusted for fingerprints, Len looks away and shifts nervously. Back at the station, Ventress tells Miller that Len has form for theft and has done time for assault. At that moment, Gina calls with the news that Len has quit his job at the pub…

Miller and Walker arrive at Len’s house to ask more questions. With his wife by his side, Len is reluctant to say anything, and when Miller starts probing into Len’s past it’s clear that his wife has been kept in the dark. Will Len’s criminal past come back to haunt him?