Max is unconscious in intensive care, his life in the balance. Tanya, Jack and the girls are by his side. Abi tells Tanya that she heard the car hit Max and tried to call her, but couldn’t get Tanya on the phone…

Bradley refuses to visit Max in hospital and darkly tells a shocked Dot he doesn’t care. Dot guilt-trips Bradley into going to the hospital, but Bradley can’t bring himself to go into the room. Meanwhile, DI Turner tells Tanya and Jack that they are treating the incident as attempted murder. Jack and Tanya stare at each other, suspicious that the other may have tried to kill Max…

Libby and Darren are still in the Square after their thwarted attempt to run away together. Libby gets tough with Denise and insists that she’s not going to Oxford. Meanwhile, Darren is questioned by the police about the hit and run on Max. Denise is upset when Libby decides to move in with Darren and she accuses Lucas of causing trouble between her and her daughter. But as they argue their anger turns to passion and they kiss!

Also, Bianca confesses to Pat that she and Tony haven’t had sex since he got out of prison.

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