Who wants Adam dead?

After a driver admits to accidentally hitting a pedestrian, Pcs Sally Armstrong and Will Fletcher find injured Jimmy Chadwick covered in someone else’s blood. Will and Sally discover that Jimmy had befriended teen runaway Adam Villiers, and they are shocked to find Adam in a deserted warehouse – he’s been shot! DC Stevie Moss and DS Max Carter search Jimmy’s hostel room and find details of an arranged hit on a man called Simon Lingford and the name of a bar. At the bar, Simon and Jimmy are found fighting, and both are arrested. Simon admits that he only found out someone was after him when Jimmy tried to blackmail him. Stevie soon discovers that Derek Clarke is the hit man and a sting is set up using Simon as bait. Back at the hospital, Will and Sally are looking after Adam as Derek races towards the hospital, and a shocked Sally realises that Adam is the intended target… VIDEO: Watch a clip from this episode of The Bill