Who will Amber choose – Daniel or Josh?

When Josh gives Amber three photos of their most precious memories together, complete with hand-made photo frames, Amber is overcome with guilt. Though she longs to be with Daniel, she abandons her plans to break up with Josh. Daniel is understanding, and Amber’s heart breaks further when he assures her that her decision doesn’t change how he feels about her.

Needing cash to pay off her fake stalker, Naomi sets her sights on Georgia’s engagement ring and suggests they make cookies together for the hospital fundraiser. During the cookie making, Georgia removes her ring and it mysteriously goes missing. She is devastated, as is Kyle when she breaks the news. But we soon see that Naomi is in possession of the ring, and intends to pawn it for some fast cash.

Kyle shows off his racing car bed to the rep from a kids furniture store, hoping to win a contract that will enable him to finance his wedding. But the rep admits he’s looking for something particular… and he won’t know it until he sees it. But Kyle’s hopes are raised when the rep returns for a second look. However, he’s still reluctant to commit until Bossy comes in and charms the rep, securing Kyle the contract.