Who will be the new Consultant?

It’s the day of the consultant interviews on Darwin and both Jac and Sahira are keen to impress. Sahira is tested when a patient, Gary, whom she’s previously diagnosed with a benign tumour, is readmitted with serious complications. But Sahira ends up getting too involved with the dying patient and his deaf son, putting her chances of impressing Hanssen and landing the job in jeopardy…

Meanwhile, Malick deals with a patient who claims he’s been stabbed in a botched burglary. But when his wife is brought onto the ward from the emergency department, all is not what it seems and Malick uses cunning rather than aggression to control the situation.

Dan books a weekend away in Barcelona as a surprise for a tired Chrissie, but she’s not impressed. It’s only when Dan speaks to their patient that he uncovers the way to Chrissie’s heart.