Who will face justice for Shane’s death?

Debbie and Jasmine face court while their verdicts are read out and it brings a mixed bag of emotions and consequences for those involved. As the villagers desperately try to return to some semblance of a normal life, the events of the past few months prove too soul-destroying for some people. For others, their minds are filled with the prospect of challenges yet to come.

Brenda tells an upset Doug that she has to cut back on her participation with the Explorers club due to her commitments with Bob and a jealous Doug wonders if she’s buying the shop because she still has feelings for him. Brenda panics and tells Terry that she loves him and is not interested in Bob. Brenda is delighted to hear Terry feels the same.

Jimmy is adamant that Nicola is the real thing, but Carl warns his brother not to trust her. Nicola isn’t subtle when she delves for more clues about Jimmy’s ‘offshore nest egg’ and Jimmy realises what she’s up to. Nicola is delighted when Jimmy invites her to go to Switzerland with him, sure she is getting one step closer to his money. However, Jimmy tells Carl that nobody makes a fool of him and gets away with it.

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