Who will get The Paradise?


An old face returns to The Paradise and finds herself at the mercy of Tom Weston and Moray risks everything to be rid of his nemesis.

Clemence arrives back in town, bringing her problems to an already troubled Paradise. A debt collector soon tracks her down and when he bumps into Mr Weston, he buys her debt and presents her with a terrible choice – either become his mistress or face jail!

Tom flaunts his reconciliation with Clemence in front of a desolate Katherine. Distressed, she is rescued by Jonas at her darkest hour. As Katherine confides in Jonas, her words confirm his suspicions of Tom’s dark past and, when she learns she is pregnant, she finds the resolve to fight for her happiness. 

Meanwhile when Clemence reveals the bind she is in, the girls are appalled and their attempts to save her from her impending fate only worsen the situation.

As the moment of reckoning arrives, Tom is challenged by Moray over a game of dice. Pride and self-sacrifice push both men to destructive levels and Moray risks everything, but Katherine arrives to share her news with her husband and begs her to stop before he loses eveything.

Moray is overjoyed to have secured his future, but realises that Denise needs to run her own shop and not live in his shadow. He is heartbroken at the thought of parting, but when Denise turns her uncle’s old shop into a beauty parlour, he realises they can work across the road from each other.