New dad Johnny realises that he and his wife haven’t slept together for 99 days. Before heading off to The Mill for baby Poppy’s appointment, Johnny goes to see neighbour Bev, who gives him a birthday present and a kiss!

As Johnny drives into The Mill car park, he sees a beautiful woman walking past and the story takes two paths…

In the first path, Johnny gets the last space and catches Heston before he leaves. When Johnny explains his sexual frustration, Heston advises him to turn on the romance. After dinner, they arrive home and Johnny makes his move in bed, but she asks him not to spoil things.

In the second path, Johnny stares at the woman for too long and ends up having to park elsewhere. This means that Johnny now has to see Charlie, who thinks that he needs to be firm with Laura. But when Laura fails to listen, Johnny ends up going round to Bev’s house for ‘comfort’.

Back to the moment outside The Mill with the girl… Johnny ends up hitting another driver, which delays him from seeing anyone and he ends up back at Bev’s for advice instead. Bev tells him that Laura misses him too.

Later, we see that Laura has made a meal for them at home and turned the living room into a very intimate restaurant. Laura opens up to Johnny about how difficult things have been for her as a new mum.

As Johnny and Laura share a kiss, there’s relief in Johnny’s face as they head upstairs…

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