Tanya is upset that Jack has gone cold on her and Dot feels guilty and admits that she warned him off. Meanwhile, Roxy slips out to tell Jack that she and Ronnie are leaving for good. Jack is stunned and begs Ronnie to stay with him but she makes a shock proposition and suggests that he come with them. Jack looks longingly at Tanya and is torn.

Meanwhile, Roxy lies to Stacey that she and Ronnie are just going on holiday, but Peggy lets slip about the sisters’ true plans. Roxy begs Stacey not to tell Sean for the sake of the baby. Roxy calls a cab to take them to the airport, but Ronnie gets a call from Jack… Ronnie is heartbroken when Jack reveals that his heart is in Walford and Jack strides over to Tanya’s and tells her that he has ‘chosen’ her. Tanya is stunned by his gall and throws him out!

Jane asks Bianca to waitress at the East London Fishmongers summer party at the Vic when she can’t find anyone else to help out. A skint Bianca takes on the job, but she’s horrified when she realises she’ll be wearing a comedy outfit!

Also, Chelsea spends time with her brother Jordan.

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