Still reeling from Jack’s kiss, Martha suggests to Michael that they up sticks and find a new place to live. Meanwhile, Tony tells Jack that going back to Martha would be a huge mistake, but Jack still can’t decide between the two women and arranges to meet Martha at Stewart’s Point later that afternoon.

Elsewhere, Rory is determined to do whatever it takes to make Jack come to the wedding rehearsal and commit to Sam. Later, at Stewart’s Point, Martha waits for Jack, but Tony gets there first, and his words prompt Martha to leave.

Jack is disappointed to find Martha not at the meeting spot and it’s clear to him he’s been rejected. Elsewhere, Martha is certain that she wants a future with Michael and now she’s made her decision, tells him she wants to get far away from Jack and Michael agrees.

Despite things working out again between Ric and Matilda, Cassie feels uneasy, knowing that Ric slept with Viv. Matilda notices her friend’s awkwardness and Cassie hates lying, but Ric insists that telling Matilda will only hurt her. However, when Viv meets Matilda at the beach, Viv lets the cat out of the bag.

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