Kyle, Georgia and Kate are all feeling weird in light of Kate’s declaration that she’s in love with Kyle. Kyle asks Kate if she really loves him and Kate confirms she does. As Kyle’s wrapping his head around this news, he’s confronted by Georgia who wants to know if Kate’s feelings are reciprocated. Kyle’s moment of hesitation is answer enough for Georgia who tells Kyle he needs to make up his mind who he wants to be with.

Paul’s pleased with himself, knowing that Terese will soon be out of a job. Terese, meanwhile, can’t understand what she’s done to warrant such hostility. However, when the Quill Hotel Group want to make Terese’s employment a condition of the handover, Paul decides the deal is off. And Terese is more confused by Paul’s behaviour than ever.

It’s Nell’s first birthday party and Jacob arrives with a present to say thank you to Sonya for everything she’s done. Sonya’s touched by the gesture, but Toadie’s wary. He later makes sure Jacob is aware of just how much pressure he put on Toadie and Sonya when he abandoned his son.

Josie and Callum are reunited but are feeling awkward, and their attempts to kiss fail miserably. They’ve only just managed to regain their kissing mojo when Bailey interrupts.