Who will Marcus choose: Maria or Aiden?

Marcus and Maria have spent the night together, but the next day the enormity of what he’s done hits Marcus. He leaves the flat with Maria in pursuit as Sean clocks the pair having a heated debate. Sean later tackles Marcus and Marcus tells him that Aiden wants him to move away, but he’s uncertain. Sean tells him he should follow his heart. At the salon Audrey offers the same advice when Maria confesses that she’s slept with Marcus. But when Maria walks into the pub Marcus makes a snap decision and tells Aiden he’ll go with him. A gutted Maria implores Marcus to give her a chance.

Gail notices Lewis moving in to the butchers’ flat and he tells her he’s pawned his father’s watch to go towards paying Audrey back. Later when Gail hears Lewis telling Audrey he’s lost the watch she takes action.

Carole shows up from the Flying Horse to tell Stella that the forthcoming 5-a-side match is between their two pubs. Stella tells Lloyd to drum up the best team possible. Steve arrives and is bemused that Lloyd’s list of team members includes Paul, Rob, Ryan, Gary and Chesney, but not him.

Also, when Kevin tells Kirsty he needs Tyrone at the garage she gives him short shrift.