Who will Rhys choose – Jacqui or Gilly?

Rhys is torn between his best friend and his girlfriend when she alleges that Gilly raped her. He asks Jacqui again and she tells him she’s disappointed that he doesn’t believe her. He tries to speak to Gilly but Gilly’s left broken by the accusations and can’t believe his friend thinks he could be capable of such a thing.

Later, Gilly angrily confronts Jacqui but it only appears to make things worse when she tells him that he did rape her and will stick by it. Rhys tells Jacqui that if she is telling the truth she must go to the police.

Carmel enjoys a date with William but rushes off when she thinks of Calvin. When Calvin reappears and takes the baby with him, Carmel and Mercedes rush to the hospital to find Angel breathing on her own. Everyone stares at Carmel in disbelief as she announces it’s a miracle and she intends on becoming a nun.

Also; Duncan is annoyed when Ruby tells him she will be with Ricky whatever he says, and makes things worse revealing that Esther is a lesbian and he hasn’t got a chance.

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