Rob is in a dilemma after his recent dalliances with May, but he makes a firm decision and tells Dawn that he wants to make a fresh start with her away from the Square. Dawn is suspicious of what Rob’s been up to, but she’s horrified when May reveals that Rob was spending the evening with her. Rob protests that May is lying, but Dawn announces she’s leaving to live with Rosie. A desperate Rob prevents Dawn from going and he proposes!

Deano tries to persuade Carly to have a drink with him and Shirley, but Carly tells him to wise up about their mum. It’s the last straw for Deano and, fed up with the squabbling, he tells Shirley that she’s the source of all the trouble in their family. Shirley’s latest squeeze Erek punches a stunned Deano, but Shirley punches Erek back! Deano runs off, leaving a sad Shirley all alone.

Bradley feels gutted about Stacey’s reaction to his promotion and he tries to talk to her about it, but Stacey doesn’t want to know. Bradley tells Stacey that her words rang true and he’s now taken a demotion.

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