Who will Roo choose?

Roo is torn. She has feelings for both Sid and Harvey, and goes to Marilyn for advice. Roo starts to question whether Harvey is just using her to get the Blaxland. She soon realises her friends were right about his duplicitous ways and gives him the elbow. Later, Roo goes round to the Walkers’ and informs Romeo that Alf has decided not to sell the Blaxland to Harvey. Roo then apologises to Sid for her reaction to his declaration, but Sid dismisses her apology, saying she should forget he ever said anything.

Leah’s anger towards Miles begins to affect VJ, who starts playing up. Miles tries to talk to him, but it’s becoming increasingly clear to VJ that Leah is really to blame for their relationship trouble. When Leah refuses to listen to VJ’s opinion, he packs his bags and runs away.

Irene isn’t coping well with the setback in her breast cancer recovery. The whole town, meanwhile, is preparing for the fundraiser. But will she actually be well enough to attend? Marilyn goes to see her and offers her support. She eventually persuades Irene to walk to the beach, where she discovers the surprise fundraiser. Irene’s spirits are lifted.