Who will Sally choose – Kevin or Jeff? (VIDEO)

It’s the morning after the night before and Kevin‘s upbeat and hopeful, giving notice on his flat then telling Bill and Sophie that he and Sally are back together. But the pair haven’t talked and Sally fumes at his assumption they’re back to what they were. She’s torn when she then bumps into Jeff, who lays his cards on the table, admitting he’d do anything to get back with her and would like to meet he in the Bistro later.

Tracy’s struggling with morning sickness, but insists on keeping her promise to Steve to look after the pub while he’s in court. Becky’s gutted when she receives her divorce settlement from Steve offering the bare minimum. When she then finds Tracy behind the bar she seethes. But Steve’s got more on his plate, his dad is sent down for a long stretch. As Tracy comforts him, he bottles up his emotions.

When Cheryl admits to Leanne that in seeing Chris so vulnerable she’s reminded of the lad she fell in love with, Leanne warns her to keep him at arm’s length.

Also, Carla thanks Maria for her unfailing support as Kirk moves out of Maria’s flat to let Carla move in.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Apologising profusely for jumping the gun Kevin begs Sally to reconsider, but she’s furious and won’t be talked round. Gutted, Kevin takes Bill’s advice and decides to try and woo her with flowers and a home cooked meal. Meanwhile, Jeff waits for Sally at the Bistro ready to impress her with a posh meal. It’s a stark contrast to what Kevin has to offer.

When Becky tells Steve she won’t be signing the divorce papers until he re-evaluates the pittance he’s offering her, he’s too broken to fight. Stepping in, Tracy urges Becky to back off, explaining what Steve’s had to deal with today. Thanking Tracy, Steve finally opens up to her and it seems the pair are getting closer and closer.

Maria’s attempts a reconciliation with Chris. She’s mindful of Cheryl’s words about him missing her, and so decides to join him in the pub.

Also, Peter can’t help checking up on Carla and she believes it show how much he cares.