Edna’s lying unconscious in her home, with Tootsie whimpering at her side. No one knows that she’s spent all her money – and maxed out a credit card – on Tootsie’s cancer treatment and has no cash for heating or food. It’s ironic that the person who has brought about all this misery is called Charity. Never was a person more inappropriately named. Charity forced Edna out of Jimmy’s haulage business and Edna hasn’t been able to hang on to a job since. Jimmy still cares about Edna, though, and it’s him who finds her. He gets Rodney to call an ambulance but Edna refuses to go to hospital. She wants to soldier on alone but it’s too late, her secret’s out… Jimmy and Rodney have seen just how bad things are for her and Edna’s devastated.

Brenda’s slept with Bob and is giddy with happiness… so giddy she can’t think straight! She literally gets tongue-tied talking to Gennie – and it’s not because she’s excited. Brenda’s worried about her health – and she’s devastated when she loses concentration again and nearly hurts Molly. Georgia tells Gennie that Brenda could have been drunk and Gennie’s furious.

Ruby’s thoughtful… She thinks Rachel and Sam should be together and decides she’s going to make that happen.