Montgomery, having planted the bomb, passes Matt an envelope of money to buy his silence but Leah witnesses the exchange. Meanwhile, Bianca and Heath are visiting Ricky in hospital. Ricky breaks down – she’s angry that Brax is not going to be a part of their baby’s life. Bianca suggests she writes down everything she feels in a letter.

Meanwhile, Phoebe asks Kyle if she can go back to his for a shower. Back at the house, Phoebe comes on strong with Kyle, but he resists. However, Casey arrives home to see him in this compromising situation. Phoebe thinks Kyle’s resisting because of Tamara.

Zac drops the twins off at the festival and Ethan kidnaps them. Kyle tries to save them, but is also taken. Tamara’s looking for Kyle but when she hears giggling coming from a tent she finds Phoebe and Chris. Ethan locks Kyle and the twins in a storage container.

Elsewhere, a shocked Maddy, Roo and Alf return home to find Harvey there.

Back at the hospital, Irene turns up as Ricky hands Heath the letter she’s written to Brax. Ethan arrives and tells Hannah that she doesn’t need to worry about the twins anymore. Bianca hears a ringing noise from her laptop bag and an explosion rips through the hospital, sending Heath, Ricky, Bianca, Irene, and Ethan flying…