Who will survive the explosion?

Nathan’s relieved when Rachel wakes up, but she’s trapped inside the car. Meanwhile, Cleo’s unconscious and Holly is desperately trying to free her before the metal structure they crashed into collapses on top of them. Holly manages to drag Cleo over to the driver’s seat before having to scream for help. Rachel tells Nathan to go to them.

The emergency services arrive as a car explodes, but whose car was it and who was inside?

Also, Tegan’s confused when she returns from throwing up to find Celine has gone… Celine and Liam are snogging in the hot tub. Celine feels guilty when she gets a worried voicemail from Tegan and leaves Liam on his own. He’s not alone for long, though, when he bumps into Tegan and goes back to the Lomaxes’…