Who will survive the explosion?

The whole village is reeling in the aftermath of the council flat devastation and a desperate mission to find survivors gets underway. Doug slowly regains consciousness but he’s alarmed when he realises Ste is missing. Sienna arrives at the flat and screams when she realises Darren is inside, as he lies lifeless among the debris. Doug frantically searches for Ste and manages to find him and pull him free, but he’s in pain.

Jack goes to the Lomax’s to collect Tom, but Peri tells him she hasn’t seen him since yesterday. Jack rushes to the bomb site, desperately hoping the teen isn’t buried in the devastation. Meanwhile, Sienna finds Tom’s school bag and discovers his leaving note to Darren and Jack. Peri tells Jack how unhappy he was and they immediately know there’s only one person that can help – Nancy.

Mercedes’ birthday takes a dark turn when she, Lindsey and Cindy are brought together under tragic circumstances and Cindy is forced to make a shocking admission.

Leanne is horrified when she hears about the fake robbery and breaks up with Dennis, who panics that he’ll never get his girl back. Leanne decides to go to her parents and writes a note to Dennis not to follow her.