Freddie watches on with horror as his completed mission takes a severe turn for the worse as Dodger realises someone is trapped inside and heads up the fire escape to save them. He carries Maxine out, but has to go back in for Sinead. However, inside the burning building, Sinead collapses and falls down the stairs, feet away from the engulfing flames. Meanwhile, Trevor watches the commotion and nods his approval at Freddie. But when Freddie realises Sinead is inside, he’s distraught – has he killed her?

Feeling flustered and embarrassed, Frankie is mortified about her night with Ziggy and desperate to keep her actions a secret, even though it’s the best time she’s had. When Sienna sees Frankie crying she asks what’s wrong and Frankie mistakenly tells Sienna what happened with Ziggy.

Patrick manipulates Martha into getting Maxine back under his roof. Martha reluctantly tells Maxine she has to move out, leaving Ash gob-smacked by her mother’s rudeness, but Martha is convinced she’s done the right thing.

Also, Sienna shows her true colours while fighting to keep Darren happy.