Frankie is upset as The Dog In The Pond goes up for auction. Cindy arrives for work to be told she is not needed and tries to get on Warren’s good side when she learns he’s going to be bidding.

Convinced Neville is having an affair, Rhys investigates and is shocked to see his dad hugging an upset Frankie. Rhys storms over confront him, only to find he’s got it wrong – Neville is actually bidding himself. Warren and Neville go head to head in the bidding war but when Neville hits his limit, Frankie takes action to stop Warren getting his hands on The Dog…

Dom worries Jacqui is taking Tony for a ride as she continues to splurge on his credit card. Later, Jacqui goes shopping with Max but ends up being brought home in a police car after being caught shoplifting.

Carmel is struggling to cope with Tina’s death. She asks Warren if she can return to work, but when Cindy arrives wanting all the gossip, Carmel can’t take it and leaves. Fearful that Niall is going to come back, edgy Carmel lays into Myra when she sees her taking some of Tina’s things to the charity shop.

Meanwhile, Lauren is suspicious of Mark’s motives and phones Calvin to come home.

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