It’s the day of the sponsored static bike race, and Anthony encourages the crowd to give generously to raise funds for Hodgkin Lymphoma. Meanwhile, Valerie tells Ayesha she’s planning her funeral and would love a song from Ricky Delaine or S-Club 7! Later, Heston tells Valerie he thinks she’s taking her jests about dying too far.

Sid wins the race – on his mum’s old exercise bike! Later, Mrs Tembe asks Sid if Anthony’s behaviour towards him could be construed as racist. Sid laughs, and tells Mrs T that she’s got the wrong end of the stick. Later, Mrs Tembe is pleased to see Sid and Anthony laughing together, but as soon as her back is turned, the smile drops off Anthony’s face.

Frank tells Karen that he’s feeling guilty about what he said to his son Max on the night he killed himself. But his wife Nicola tells him she had a conversation with Max that night – reassuring Max that Frank loves him.