Les Hepplewhite is rehearsing with the Aidensfield silver band for the Wallace Cup, but when rival band leader, Bill Budge, suggests that the two bands team up, Les punches him. Later in the pub, Les sees Bill talking to one of his members and assaults him. Then member Norman runs into the pub with the news that the village hall is on fire – and Les accuses Bill of starting the blaze.

Bill tells Miller and Mason that Les has had a grudge against him since his wife left him for Bill 10 years ago. Both men are free when the fire brigade confirm the fire was accidental but Bill can’t resist one last dig, and when Les reacts angrily, Miller throws him in a cell. The next day, Les arrives at band practice to find that most of his band are ill, and he’s certain that Bill has poisoned them.

As Miller agrees to get the rehearsal tea and Bill’s home-brew tested, Les tells Mason that Bill has taken everything, and now fears he’s having an affair with his new wife, Brenda. Later, Carol tells Rachel and Mason that one of the band members died from the poisoning but confirms that the home-brew and rehearsal tea were not contaminated.

But when Carol reveals that the cakes Brenda made for the rehearsal couldn’t be tested as they were all eaten, Mason’s certain that Brenda is the culprit. But will her prank become a charge for manslaughter?

Also, Dawn falls head over heels for handsome Johnny Leigh and tells Blaketon she’s moving to Paris. But is Johnny Leigh everything he seems? And Rachel and Mason enjoy a night of passion but they are mortified when they realise that Carol has seen them.

*Last in the series*