The paramedics rush Cain to hospital with Debbie at his side. Meanwhile, the suspects become obvious: Moira can’t bear to think that she slept with Cain and is in danger of losing her family; farmer John can’t bear the thought that Moira slept with Cain; Amy can’t bear the thought that she slept with Cain and now has his baby; Jai doesn’t like that Charity slept with Cain in the past and is determined not to let Cain do any more harm to his family; Charity wants Jai back and doesn’t want to think about ever sleeping with Cain again; and Zak…well, Zak is ashamed of his son and disgusted by everything he has done.

So, who looks most guilty? Well, Amy, Moira and John all have a motive and no alibi. They’re not covered in Cain’s blood, though, and Jai is, but he says that happened when he tried to help Cain. Privately, Jai thinks Charity did it. Charity’s covered in blood, too, which she’s desperate to wash off. But she thinks Jai did it. Then there’s Zak; but would he do this to his own son? The police don’t think so. They arrest Jai and Charity!