Who’ll rescue Indi?

Indi freaks out. She can’t get through to her family and considers calling Romeo for help. When Kieran drives back to find her, Indi panics and calls Romeo. Just as Kieran finds Indi cowering in the bushes, Romeo arrives. Indi is grateful and Romeo wonders if she wants to rekindle their relationship. But Sid warns him to stay away. He’s grateful too, but one act of heroism won’t undo the hurt he caused her.

Baby George is causing chaos and Marilyn worries he may never settle with her. Nicole is hesitant about seeing him – it’s been over a week since she gave birth. But when she hears Marilyn is having trouble, Nicole visits. George instantly takes to her and she admits to Roo that it was wonderful to hold him. This only feeds Marilyn’s fears.

Gina talks to Dex about the decline in his academic performance. He blames lack of sleep, due to George’s crying. Gina asks Dex to speak to Sid but Dex doesn’t want to put more pressure on the household. Dex muses on the drama the baby is causing and decides it’s the perfect subject for his next blog. But is it a good idea to make Marilyn’s private life public?

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