Who’ll win the big waitressing showdown?

It’s the final day of the waitressing trial for Kate and Tash and after a hard, competitive shift it’s crunch time as Celeste decides who’s got the job. She’s impressed with both but chooses Tash, leaving Kate feeling very down. Kate’s ready to give up when she bumps into Sheila who gives her some sage advice and she heads back to Celeste to find out why she didn’t get the position. Their conversation impresses Celeste who comes up with a proposition, to make Kate the new manager – to Tash’s dismay!

Sonya feels pressured by her friends’ excitement over her pregnancy so Toadie asks them to give her some space. But when everyone seems to be avoiding the topic, Sonya starts to worry that they don’t approve. Later, she confesses her worry to Toadie who explains he’d asked them to back off, and convinces Sonya to relax and focus on enjoying her pregnancy.

Kyle introduces Sheila to Lou but she begins to suspect he’s a dodgy character. Will she discover he’s cooked Kyle’s books?