Who’s been sleeping in Kat’s bed?

Stacey is horrified when she finds Kat in bed with a stranger. Confronting Kat, she learns that Harry has died, leaving Kat a large sum of money in his will. At the market, Kat shares her antics from the night before with a shocked Alfie, who visits Mo to find out what’s going on. After hearing the truth, Alfie finds Kat in the Vic, suggesting the money could mean a fresh start. A disgusted Kat tears up the cheque in front of Alfie.

Lauren can’t pluck up the courage to talk to Max about the murder without some help, asking Stacey to go with her. A reluctant Stacey agrees, standing by as Lauren confronts Max about destroying Emma’s notes. Stunned that his daughter could accuse him of murder, Max tries to explain his actions.

Sharon finds out about Ben’s plan to get some dodgy work from Max, telling Max to back off as Phil is signing the power of attorney over to her. Realising his revenge plan is falling apart, Max convinces Ben not to let Sharon get one over on him. After Max talks Ben into signing a contract, Charlie realises that Ben has unwittingly signed the Mitchell businesses over to Max!