Who’s behind Rhys’s kidnapping?

At Chez Chez, Rhys turns on the charm when an attractive female comes in asking for management. It’s not long before Rhys is telling the stranger all about Danny Houston and Cheryl Brady. Later, Rhys leaves the club but is hastily bundled into the back of a white van. Who is behind Rhys’s kidnapping? Could it be his new friend?

Silas visits Cheryl in hospital and continues to feign his concern for Lynsey, even hinting at Lynsey self-medicating, and maybe mixing up her pills with Cheryl’s. Later, Cheryl and Lynsey bump into Silas in Relish. While Lynsey orders, Cheryl wants to talk to Silas about his theory that Lynsey could have mixed the pills up – but he shuts her down, he can’t get involved. He cheerily enquires after Lynsey, and goes on his way, leaving Lynsey with doubts as to what he’s up to and Cheryl with doubts over Lynsey.

Meanwhile, the McQueens return home early from Tenerife only to find the locks have been changed on the house. New residents the Savages declare squatter’s rights and all hell breaks loose between the two families.

But the atmosphere soon lightens as Myra and Liberty’s father Dirk get on like a house on fire! She quickly decides the Savages can stay for a while… that is until Myra discovers the celebratory BBQ is serving up Lamb Chop!

*Unfortunately, this is all the advance programme information available for this episode from Hollyoaks*

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