Who’s behind the hate campaign?

While Rhys and Suzanne find it difficult to cope with the hate campaign against them, Hannah looks forward to her first day at HCC. But when she finds out Suzanne has been keeping the hate campaign a secret from her, she lays into her family for being over-protective. Elsewhere, Josh and Rhys suspect Ste is behind the vendetta but he protests his innocence. That night, a brick is thrown through the window of Drive ‘n’ Buy, but is Ste really responsible?

Kathy is preoccupied as Mike prepares a special anniversary meal for them. Zoe feels awkward being around Mike after having had a dirty dream about him and is glad to get out of the house. But when she returns and finds him still waiting for Kathy, she and Mike end up enjoying the evening together…

At school, Nige convinces Michaela to pass some weed on to a schoolmate. But, later, when Amy finds out that Michaela has still got the drugs on her, they argue just as Russ turns up. Michaela flees, leaving Amy in deep trouble.

Also, Zak is frustrated by Katy and Justin’s romance being flaunted in his face. Guilty Katy and Justin attempt to find Zak a girlfriend but he mistakenly thinks they are trying to get rid of him.